Library Building Project

Final Renderings 11 27 14 Page 001Final Renderings 11 27 14 Page 002Final Renderings 11 27 14 Page 003

Behind the Scenes @ the Wadleigh Library

Photos and descriptions documenting structural, systems and overall building problems (Oct 2014)

If You Build It, They Will Come

A presentation for Milford’s Economic Development Advisory Committee (Dec 2014)

Presentation for the Town Budget Advisory Committee

Documenting the need, the process by which we arrived at our proposed project and our plan for the future Wadleigh Memorial Library

Presentation materials for Town Capital Improvement Plan Committee

Supplemental documents for 2013 Request For Proposal–Design & Cost Analysis

Schematics for Existing Structure


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  1. Ouellette

    I do not like the proposed exterior architectural design at all. It is completely out of character with the surrounding “traditional” appearance of nearby buildings-the “Mom & Pop” businesses, Town Hall, adjacent residences and the buildings on and near the Oval, including Post Office. Milford is a small New England town. This design doesn’t reflect that. It is just a large box. It has no character. It looks like it belongs in a large city that has glass and steel highrises, not the center of a small New England town. Whether I agree with the need for a new facility or not, I’m sure a new building could be designed that is evocative of our New England tradition. This design will look completely out of place.

    1. Michelle

      I apologize for not responding sooner but I just now saw your comment for the first time. Since the time you wrote it, I do hope you’ve had a chance to attend one of our Open Houses. We’ve had two so far to not only solicit feedback and get input, but to show residents some of the “behind the scenes” structural and building issues we’ve been dealing with for several years now. One of the things that happened after our most recent Open House: we’ve changed the look of the roof line and facade. After tonight’s presentation to the Budget Advisory Committee, I’ll be posting the powerpoint slides which include the updated designs.

      We appreciate your feedback and if you haven’t had the opportunity to attend an Open House, our third one is scheduled for Sunday, January 25th from 3-5pm. We hope you can make it!

      Michelle Sampson
      Library Director

  2. Jeff McGrath

    That statement from Mr. Ouellete is the consensus of the many people that I have spoken to about the project.

  3. David

    Are the brochures, maps and plans we’ve seen posted at the library online anywhere? I’d like to link some out-of-state former residents to them.

    1. Katie Spofford

      David – I added links to the FAQ sheet and brochure available at the library (underneath the first slideshare presentation). Most of the information on the large maps & plans on display are included in these handouts.

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