Library Building Project

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Presentation materials for Town Capital Improvement Plan Committee

Supplemental documents for 2013 Request For Proposal–Design & Cost Analysis

Schematics for Existing Structure


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  1. Noreen OConnell

    This project is too grandious for the citizens of Milford. Have you considered buying/leasing the McBriarty/Souhegan bank Building. It would be a good use of the building and citizens would like to see it preserved. I bet it would fly! That would be a project I could get involved in.

    1. Kim

      Noreen, thank you for your input.
      We appreciate your thoughts, and we look forward to resuming work on our building project once our new director has started.

  2. Jason Plourde

    Hello Ms. Sampson,

    As a resident of Milford, I appreciate the hard work that you and others have put in for the betterment of our community. I also understand the difficulties you are faced with regarding the structural failures of the current building, and the challenges in trying to appease everyone with the new design.

    This being said, I have been selfishly asking myself why I would want to increase my taxes for this project by voting in favor of Warrant Article 3. After speaking with Ms. Chris Cosentino, reading the Building Project materials provided on the Library’s website, and researching information on the internet, I am convinced that this is a much needed project not just for those who frequent the library but also to help improve our students’ academic growth with new computer and wireless technologies, provide meeting spaces for local businesses and organizations, supply much needed off-street parking in the downtown area, and stimulate our community’s economy by attracting more people to the area and thereby visiting more local businesses.

    I would like to offer one idea for consideration to be incorporated into the new Library’s design. Since Milford is the “Granite Town in the Granite State,” I would like to see more granite incorporated into the building’s façade. The different local approval boards have asked this of other developments in Town and I’d like to see more granite being prominently displayed to tie in with the historical nature of our community.

    Thank you for helping to bring our community to the 21st century. You have my support.


    1. Jason

      My apologies. Ms. Chris Costantino. Good ole spellcheck. 🙂

    2. Michelle Sampson

      [Please note: Mr. Plourde’s post and my response appears in two locations]

      Dear Jason:

      Many thanks for your kind message. I would have replied sooner but I’m just now seeing it – my apologies! I’m so glad to hear that you took the time to do your own research on the topic (librarians love to hear things like that); that you understand the issues, problems and shortcomings of our current facility; and that you see the need – regardless of whether or not you frequent the library (we hope you do).

      Saturday, January 30th is the town’s Deliberative Session; it begins at 9AM in the Town Hall Auditorium. If you are so inclined, we would like the Board of Selectmen, Budget Advisory Committee and fellow residents to hear your voice and opinion on this matter. You may or may not know that both the BOS and BAC recently took preliminary votes *not* to support the project (the BAC supported the same project last year). Both groups will be taking a final vote after the Deliberative Session. Both groups represent Milford constituents so It’s imperative they hear from residents who believe in and support the project.

      On a related note, it’s always possible at the Deliberative Session for an opponent of the project to make a motion to change the warrant article wording or dollar amounts – effectively negating it. A vote is taken from those present and if a motion passes, that’s what goes on the ballot in March. Should such a motion be made, we need to have supporters of the project present. Since the project is article #3, the discussion will be taking place following a brief presentation by Library Trustees – not too long after the session begins at 9AM. We hope you will consider attending and lending your voice.

      Again – thank you for your message and for your support. We greatly appreciate it.

      Michelle Sampson
      Library Director

      PS: Thank you for the exceedingly kind words in support of the project at the Deliberative Session!

  3. Kirk Searle

    How will removing the existing structures “to the foundation” address the problem of the failing cast iron pipes embedded in the foundation? This problem was prominently mentioned in a couple of the presentations. Thanks!

    1. Michelle Sampson

      Dear Mr. Searle,

      Many thanks for your question. When the current library structure is razed, the rebuild will retain the current *footprint* of the foundation, but the actual foundation walls and floor slabs will be replaced. Initially it was our hope that we could retain and reuse all of the foundation, thereby saving some money, but given the deep cracks we have in many areas, along with the encased piping issue, we came to the conclusion that this would be highly unlikely.

      I hope this answers your question. A reminder that we have a fourth, and final, Open House scheduled on Sunday, March 8 from 3-5pm. Our architect, facilities manager and trustees will be on hand to answer any other questions you might have. We’ll also have a “behind the scenes” tour of the current building.

      Thank you again for your message~

      Michelle Sampson
      Library Director

  4. Amy Wilson

    I’m very happy to see these changes and think the proposed exterior looks very nice. Milford is growing and our community deserves a modern, bright space to gather and share our love of reading. Libraries of the future will hold so much more than books, and I’m glad to see the Wadleigh is being updated to reflect its developing role.

    1. Michelle Sampson

      Many thanks for your kind words and support for our project! Because the cost of the project will be paid with a bond, we must receive a 60% majority of the vote on Tuesday, March 10. Please remember to vote (and tell all your friends)! If you’re not a registered voter, NH allows for same day registration right there at the polls (Milford Middle School on Osgood Road).

      Thank you again for being our cheerleader!

      Michelle Sampson
      Library Director

  5. Julia

    Maybe I missed it, but where will the fountain be moved if the new library is built? It’s small but it is apart of our history & belongs on the library grounds. I’ve been in milford for almost 30 years and it’s always been there and needs to be included in the plans.

    1. Michelle

      Hi Julia,

      Thank you for your message. We love the fountain as much as you do and as of right now, there are absolutely no plans to move it.

      There has been discussion in the past about possibly moving it inside the new building (to protect it from the elements, once it’s had some badly needed conservation/preservation work), but as things currently stand, the plan is to keep it in its present location. If you click on the first rendering at the top of this page, then scroll all the way to the right, you can actually see the shadow/outline of the fountain on the lawn–in its current location.

      To hear more about the proposed project and to ask any and all questions of our trustees, Facilities Manager and architect, we’ll be holding our third Open House on Sunday, January 25th from 3-5pm. We hope you can drop in!


  6. David

    Are the brochures, maps and plans we’ve seen posted at the library online anywhere? I’d like to link some out-of-state former residents to them.

    1. Katie

      David – I added links to the FAQ sheet and brochure available at the library (underneath the first slideshare presentation). Most of the information on the large maps & plans on display are included in these handouts.

  7. Jeff McGrath

    That statement from Mr. Ouellete is the consensus of the many people that I have spoken to about the project.

  8. Ouellette

    I do not like the proposed exterior architectural design at all. It is completely out of character with the surrounding “traditional” appearance of nearby buildings-the “Mom & Pop” businesses, Town Hall, adjacent residences and the buildings on and near the Oval, including Post Office. Milford is a small New England town. This design doesn’t reflect that. It is just a large box. It has no character. It looks like it belongs in a large city that has glass and steel highrises, not the center of a small New England town. Whether I agree with the need for a new facility or not, I’m sure a new building could be designed that is evocative of our New England tradition. This design will look completely out of place.

    1. Michelle

      I apologize for not responding sooner but I just now saw your comment for the first time. Since the time you wrote it, I do hope you’ve had a chance to attend one of our Open Houses. We’ve had two so far to not only solicit feedback and get input, but to show residents some of the “behind the scenes” structural and building issues we’ve been dealing with for several years now. One of the things that happened after our most recent Open House: we’ve changed the look of the roof line and facade. After tonight’s presentation to the Budget Advisory Committee, I’ll be posting the powerpoint slides which include the updated designs.

      We appreciate your feedback and if you haven’t had the opportunity to attend an Open House, our third one is scheduled for Sunday, January 25th from 3-5pm. We hope you can make it!

      Michelle Sampson
      Library Director

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