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Evening Book Group CANCELLED

The Evening Book Club meeting has been rescheduled to Tuesday, February 3rd, at the same time.

Tuesday January 27, 2015

7:00 PM until 8:15 PM

Our selection this month is Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline

“Penobscot Indian Molly Ayer is close to ‘aging out’ out of the foster care system. A community service position helping an elderly woman clean out her home is the only thing keeping Molly out of juvie and worse…. As she helps Vivian sort through her possessions and memories, Molly learns that she and Vivian aren’t as different as they seem to be. A young Irish immigrant orphaned in New York City, Vivian was put on a train to the Midwest with hundreds of other children whose destinies would be determined by luck and chance. Molly discovers that she has the power to help Vivian find answers to mysteries that have haunted her for her entire life–answers that will ultimately free them both. Rich in detail and epic in scope, Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline is a powerful novel of upheaval and resilience, of unexpected friendship, and of the secrets we carry that keep us from finding out who we are.”–from publisher’s description

Copies are available at the Main Desk. Newcomers always welcome.


History Book Club

Wednesday January 21, 2015
6:30 PM until 8:00 PM

Our selection for this month is Last Flag Down : The Epic Journey of the Last Confederate Warship by John Baldwin and Ron Powers

“By late 1864, it seemed clear that the Confederacy had only a short time to live. In the west, the Army of the Tennessee was a spent, shattered force. In the east, Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia was besieged at Petersburg, and the depredations of Sherman and Sheridan brought Southern soldiers to the brink of starvation. In the midst of this gloom, a Confederate ship, the Shenandoah, left Britain and launched a series of remarkably successful raids on Union shipping across vast expanses of open sea. However, cut off from communication with the Southern homeland, the crew was unaware of the surrender of Confederate armies in April 1865. Since the Shenandoah continued raiding, in strictly legal terms the sailors on board were now pirates. When the officers realized this, they began a heroic effort to find a refuge for themselves and their crew. Baldwin and Powers have written a stirring account of one of the more obscure episodes of the Civil War, filled with stunning examples of personal courage in the face of adversity.” Jay Freeman reviewed in Booklist

Morning Book Group

Thursday January 8, 2015
10:00 AM until 11:00 AM

Our selection this month is The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Strout.

Catalyzed by a nephew’s thoughtless prank, a pair of brothers confront painful psychological issues surrounding the freak accident that killed their father when they were boys, a loss linked to a heartbreaking deception that shaped their personal and professional lives.               Publisher Description

Copies are available at the Main Desk. Newcomers welcome.

Location: AV Room

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