Registration for 4-6 Year-Old Storytime


Registration is open for our Wednesday and Thursday 4-6 Year-Old Storytimes.

Our Storytimes start on Wednesday March 6th at 1pm and Thursday March 14th at 10am.

Spaces fill up quickly, so register soon!


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  1. Lena LaBour

    Hi could you Please register Carter for the Wednesday storytime? Thank you.

    1. Miss Letty

      He is registered! First Storytime is on March 6th.

  2. margo mikhail

    Hi! Can you please register Brynne Higgins for the Thursday storytime? Thank you!

    1. Miss Letty

      She’s now registered! The first storytime is on March 14th.

  3. Julie Rockwell

    Please register my son, Caleb, for the Wednesday 1pm storytime. Thanks!

    1. Miss Letty

      He’s now registered! The first storytime is on March 6th.

  4. Jennifer DeGraffenried

    Please register Nathaniel for Thurs. 10:00 storytime.
    Thank you!

    1. Katie

      He’s now registered! The first one is on March 14.

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