Welcome to the World of Dowsing

Sunday November 5, 2017
2:00 PM until 3:30 PM

Perhaps dowsing brings to mind a picture of an old New England farmer, walking across his land, holding a forked tree branch, searching for water. Perhaps it was your grandfather. Dowsing for water is what most people think of, but the world of dowsing is expansive.

Pamela Pike, a New Hampshire dowser, will be here to explore this fascinating modality of seeking answers to questions by means of various tools. Pendulums,L-rods, Bobbers, Y-sticks and Aurometers. All will be available to experience a fun-filled, hands-on, educational afternoon.

Learn how we can use these tools to make our lives healthier, easier or wiser. You’ll have the opportunity to┬ámake a “dowsing pendulum” to take home.

Come with questions, a sense of adventure and discovery. You never know what you’ll find.

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  1. Leonard Zecchini

    Concerning dowsing on Nov. 5th. As part of my certification as a Master Practioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I was to take skill I did not have, learn to do it, and then teach it to another person who did not have that skill. I chose dowsing.

    I will not be able to attend on Nov. 5th. However, I would appreciate receiving some contact or hand-out material that I might follow-up with this presenter.

    I received mentoring with Ed Jastrom (sp?) of Seekonk, MA, past president of American Society of Dowsers.

    1. Sue A.

      Dear Mr.Zecchini
      Thank you for your interest in the dowsing program. I will give your contact information to our speaker to see if she has any materials or information to share with you.
      Regards, Sue Amann

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