Wreaths Around the Wadleigh

wreathsDecember 7th through 14th

Don’t miss our 3rd Annual Silent Wreath Auction!  Wreaths have been donated by local businesses and citizens and even some of the Wadleigh staff members.  Come in and see the beautiful wreaths!

For a sneak preview, check us out on Facebook!

Winners will be notified on December 15th. All proceeds go to the Friends of the Wadleigh Library, which provides many of our museum passes and other services to the library.


  1. Brenda Nadeau

    I donated a wreath last year and am planning on bringing another tomorrow but I noticed most people have their wreaths out already. I wondered if next year it shouldn’t start earlier to get the best bang for the buck. just a suggestion. Thanks Brenda

    1. kgabert

      Hi Brenda, we love the wreath you brought in, thank you!

      We’re always looking for ideas to improve our Wreaths event, and The Friends will consider the idea of having the event a week earlier next year. This year was tough with Thanksgiving so late, and that won’t be an issue next year. Thanks for the suggestion.

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