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Read Woke Challenge - Children's Recommendations

 African-American Voices

Asian-American Voices

  • Singh, Rina. Holi Colors. BB book
  • Sehgal, Kabir. Festival of Colors. JE book
  • Khan, Hena. Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns. JE book
  • Guidroz, Rukhsanna. Leila in Saffron. JE book
  • Ali, S.K. The Proudest Blue. JE book
  • Lendroth, Susan. Natsumi. JE book
  • Khan, Hena. Under My Hijab. JE book
  • Hudson, Wade. The Talk. JPAR book
  • Nye, Naomi Shihab. The Turtle of Oman. JFIC book
  • Lin, Grace. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. JFIC book | CD audiobook
  • Bajaj, Varsha. Count Me In. JFIC book
  • Khan, Hena. Amina’s Voice. JFIC book | CD audiobook
  • Lai, Thanhha. Listen Slowly. JFIC book | ebook | CD audiobook
  • Yousafzai, Malala.  I Am Malala. JB book | ebook | CD audiobook
  • Chanani, Nidhi. Pashmina. GN book

Diverse Abilities

Female Voices

  • Chen, Eva.  A is for Awesome: 23 iconic women who changed the world. BB book
  • Babbott-Klein, Libby.  Baby Feminists. BB book
  • Negley, Keith.  Mary Wears What She Wants. JE book
  • Shetterly, Margot Lee.  Hidden Figures. JE book
  • Clinton, Chelsea.  She Persisted: 13 American Women Who Changed the World. JNF book | CD audiobook
  • Terciero, Rey.  Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. GN book
  • McCully, Emily Arnold.  . She Did It! 21 Women Who Changed the Way We Think. JNF book
  • Solnit, Rebecca. Cinderella Liberator. JNF book
  • Murray, Lily.  The People Awards. JNF book
  • Favilli, Elena.  Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. JNF book | CD audiobook
  • Chambers, Veronica.  Finish the Fight. JNF book
  • Makechnie, Amy.  The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Claire. JFIC book

Hispanic-American Voices

  • De la Pena, Matt. Last Stop on Market Street. (JE) book | ebook
  • Tonatiuh, Duncan. The Princess and the Warrior: A Tale of Two Volcanoes. (JE) book
  • Thong, Roseanne. Green is A Chile Pepper. (JE) book | ebook
  • Morales, Yuyi. Viva Frida. (JE) book
  • Herrera, Juan Felipe. Imagine. (JE) book
  • Medina, Meg. Mango, Abuela and Me. (JE) book
  • Cervantes, Angela. Me, Frida and the Secret of the Peacock Ring. (JFIC) book
  • Cartaya, Pablo. Marcus Vega Doesn’t Speak Spanish. (JFIC) book
  • Dominguez, Angela. Stella Diaz Has Something to Say. (JFIC) book


LGBTQ+ Voices

  • Stevenson Robin.  Pride Colors. BB book
  • Brown, Karamo.  I Am Perfectly Designed. JE book
  • Love, Jessica.  Julian Is a Mermaid. JE book | ebook
  • Hoffman, Sarah. Jacob's New Dress. JE book
  • Schiffer, Miriam B.  Stella Brings the Family. JE book
  • Acosta, Alicia. I Love My Colorful Nails. JE book
  • Richardson, Justin. And Tango Makes Three. JE book
  • Austrian, J.J..  Worm Loves Worm. JE book
  • Ostertag, Molly. Witch Boy. GN book
  • Gino, Alex. Rick. JFIC book | Playaway
  • Connor, Leslie. A Home for Goddesses and Dogs. JFIC book | ebook
  • Rocklin, Joanne. Love, Penelope. JFIC book
  • Clarke, Cat. The Pants Project. JFIC book
  • Sloan, Holly Goldberg. To Night Owl from Dogfish. JFIC book

Native American Voices

  • Martinez-Neal, Juana. Alma and How She Got Her Name. (JE) book | ebook
  • Maillard, Kevin Noble. Fry Bread. (JE) book
  • Alexie, Sherman. Thunder Boy Jr. JE book | downloadable audiobook
  • Child, Brenda. Bowwow Powwow. (JE) book
  • Flett, Julie. Birdsong. (JE) book
  • Hunt, Dallas. Awasis and the World-Famous Bannock. (JE) book
  • Minnema, Cheryl. Johnny’s Pheasant. (JE) book
  • Lindstrom, Carole. We Are Water Protectors. (JE) book
  • Robertson, Robbie. Hiawatha The Peacemaker. (JE) book
  • Sorell, Traci. We Are Grateful: Otsaliheliga. (JE) book
  • Tahe, Rose Ann. First Laugh: Welcome Baby! (JE) book

Social Injustice

  • Reynolds, Peter. Say Something. JE book
  • Markel, Michelle. Brave Girl. JE book
  • Degman, Lori. Like A Girl. JE book
  • Clark-Robinson, Monica. Let the Children March. JE book
  • Rajczak, Nelson. Inside the Civil Rights Movement. JNF book
  • Alko, Selina. We are the Change: Words of Inspiration from Civil Rights Leaders. JNF book
  • Hudson, Wade. We Rise, We Resist, We Raise Our Voices. JNF book | ebook
  • Clinton, Chelsea.  Start Now: You Can Make a Difference. JNF book
  • Messner, Kate. History Smashers: Women’s Right to Vote. GN book

Voices of those Experiencing Poverty & Homelessness